Sleepin' Dogz Band began as an acoustic duo in 2002 comprised of singer-songwriter / rhythm guitarist/ Jeannie Burke and lead guitarist Leo Burke. Their sound is a soulful blend of rootsy jam/rock blues. Hook laden and catchy, Jeannie's songs are the kind you find yourself singing all day. Her intimate, honest delivery echoes the allure of Sheryl Crow combined with the soulful stylings of Susan Tedeschi. She can conjure up the powerful rock goddess within, then offer a healthy dose of sweet, smooth, and sultry.

Leo Burke's guitar work adds an edgy excitement to the music. His poignant playing tastefully weaves throughout the songs often harmonizing with Jeannie's vocals. He has the ability to rip out a face melting lead or gently seduce with a beautiful melody. Their mutual love of music grew into a love for each other that is undeniably evident on stage. Together they put on a passionate performance. After nine years of performing together, they married in April of 2011.

In 2017, the acoustic duo grew into a 4 piece with the addition of bassist/vocalist, Steven Pippin and drummer, Jeff Newman. With this evolution, Leo and Jeannie moved from acoustic to electric guitar creating a new, more jammy rock feel to the songs. Steven's versatile voice adds beautiful harmonies that compliments Jeannie's voice like warm gravy over biscuits. With his melodic,groovy, bass lines, he creates a funky foundation for Jeff (Thunda Foot) Newman to drive the band. Jeff's powerfully tasteful drumming leads the jams through every mood. Together, they launch the songs into new stratospheric heights. The foursome put on an inspiring live show that seamlessly carries the listener through a myriad of emotions. Whether its heartbreaking, chicken skin inducing ballads, or vein popping, sweaty, soul shaking rock jams, this band’s mission is to move the music lover within.

They've toured Nationally performing at a variety of venues including legendary songwriter's showcases such as Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park in Florida, The Blue Bird in Nashville, and The Bitter End in NYC. They have developed a loyal and ever-growing fan base.

“Outstanding, sexy vocals by frontwoman Jeannie, who writes from an honest and experienced heart. Simply put it’s fantastic. Wonderful, original stuff that gets better with each play!”


Jeannie Burke
Lead Vocals / Guitar

Leo Burke
Lead Guitar

Steven Pippin
Bass / Vocals

Jeff Newman
Drums / Vocals

There is showmanship and energy to spare when they take the stage. With Leo anchoring their sound with his strong and inspired guitar work, and with Jeannie’s amazingly expressive voice soaring through their songs, the audience is treated to a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Their live show is filled with passion, humor, and just plain fun.
— Rocco Colello, Concert Promoter